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3 boxes of Home Compostable Coffee Pods (150) Coffee Bundle with Cameroon, Ethiopian and Triple Origin


Bundle Deal Home Compostable Coffee Pods


Sourced from the rich, diverse landscapes of Cameroon, these coffee pods contain premium coffee cultivated in the fertile soils of small-scale farms. Each bean is a testament to the country’s vibrant coffee culture and dedication to quality.

Flavour Profile:

Immerse yourself in the robust and aromatic flavour of Cameroon coffee. Each pod offers a harmonious blend of bold, earthy notes with dark complex notes, a full-bodied, satisfying cup that resonates with the authenticity of its origin.

Eco-Friendly Pods:

Embrace sustainability without compromising on taste. Our coffee pods are 100% home compostable, made from bio-based materials. They break down in a home compost setup, reducing waste and benefiting the environment.

Convenience Meets Quality:

Designed for ease and compatibility with most pod coffee machines, these pods ensure a perfect brew every time. Enjoy the rich, nuanced flavors of Cameroon coffee with the simplicity and convenience of a single-serve pod.

Commitment to Sustainability:

We are dedicated to eco-friendly practices. From sourcing coffee from environmentally conscious farms in Cameroon to our fully compostable packaging, every aspect of our product is designed with sustainability in mind.

Supporting Local Communities:

By choosing our Cameroon coffee pods, you contribute to the empowerment of small-scale farmers in Cameroon. We ensure fair trade practices, providing better livelihoods for the farmers and their communities.

The Perfect Choice:

Ideal for the eco-conscious coffee lover, these pods offer a guilt-free coffee experience. Whether you’re kickstarting your morning or enjoying a midday break, our Cameroon coffee pods provide both exceptional taste and an assurance of environmental responsibility.

What you get?

1 box Triple Origin (10 pods 5g) , 1 box Cameroon (10 pods 5g), 1 Box Tanzania (10 pods 5g)

Each pod offers a harmonious blend of bold, earthy notes with dark complex notes, a full-bodied, satisfying cup that resonates with the authenticity of its origin.

Our pods are suitable for Nespresso® pod machines, excluding Vertuoline and Gemini and Miele built in pod machines.

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3 boxes of Home Compostable Coffee Pods (150) Coffee Bundle with Cameroon, Ethiopian and Triple Origin



Sourced From Farm

Single Origin

Roasted in London

For however you like to make your coffee

Whether you’re a Mokka pot, pour over, or French press coffee fanatic, we’ve got you. Our coffee comes either ground or whole bean.

Coffee perfectionists by nature

Learn the meticulous process we took to make our coffees, from testing with water from The Alps, all the way figuring out the best packaging to keep it fresh.

Your coffee routine can have a positive impact

Each coffee bag, tin, pod you purchase changes the lives of people and helps the planet


What is single origin coffee?

Single origin coffees are a type of coffee that is sourced from a single location, which can be a specific country, region, farm, or estate. Unlike blends, which combine beans from various origins to create a consistent flavour profile, single origin coffees offer unique flavours and characteristics that reflect their specific growing conditions, including climate, soil type, altitude, and processing methods.

How should I store my coffee?

You might have heard that coffee should be stored in the fridge for freshness – but we’re here to tell you, that’s really not the case.

The best way to store your coffee is in a cool, dark place, right inside your refillable tin – they’ve been carefully designed to keep your coffee at its best!

How long does coffee stay fresh for?

Once you’ve received it, you’ll see the date it was roasted listed on the package. We recommend you enjoy it within 6 weeks of that date if it’s ground coffee, or 2 months for wholebean.

After that date, your coffee won’t 'go bad', but it could get stale and lose its freshness - so the flavour won’t be as delicious as it should be.

Which machines are the coffee pods compatible with?

Our pods are compatible with all Nespresso® pod machines.


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