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Make Jamaica Green Again: 10 Powerful Women Leading The Sustainability Movement

Make Jamaica Green Again: 10 Powerful Women Leading The Sustainability Movement

[text from Forbes press feature]

Jamaica is a green, island nation situated in the heart of the Caribbean. The island is the third-largest of the Greater Antilles, behind Cuba and Hispaniola (the island containing the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic). With a population of just 3 million people, Jamaica is well known the world over for its vibrant culture - an impressive feat for a nation of its size.

Millions of tourists each year visit Jamaica for its spectacular natural landscapes, from the beaches of Portland to the coffee farms of the Blue Mountains. But, like all countries, Jamaica also has to contend with environmental problems that are compounded by being a small island nation. As the world wakes up to the risks of climate change, the threats of sea-level rise and strong hurricanes are very clear to the island. But  Jamaica is also home to activists and entrepreneurs dedicated to championing a sustainable future.

In the past, Jamaica has banned disposable plastic and committed to 50% renewable energy by 2030. There are many men and women in Jamaica doing fantastic work in sustainability and beyond, and this is just a small sample of the island's talent.

From NGOs, government and private sector, meet some of the women championing sustainability on this Caribbean Island nation  - with impressive results.

Small scale farmers in Jamaica are often forced to sell their coffee for low prices to middlemen. Dominated by the big players in the market, small farmers find it difficult to access funds. Lauren's business is changing Jamaica for the better by giving farmers direct access to the market. Farmers are paid more, have transparency of sale and a guaranteed market.

Lauren is a lawyer from BPP Law School and the City University of London, who was captivated by the small farmers from Jamaica that cultivate some of the most unique coffee beans in the world. She then saw a business opportunity that could help those farmers to export their coffee worldwide, and the Little Coffee Company was born. Her motto is “Bridging the gap between farmers and buyers through technology ”. She is also a Trustee Global Board Member on Common Purpose, an NPO that develops leaders that can help solve problems on cities and organizations.

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