It starts from the roots..

    Our founder grew up in Jamaica and was taught to appreciate and learn where food comes from. As an islander her love for nature and the outdoors was a way of life. She strongly believes in the importance of knowing the story behind how food is produced and the community behind it.


    As a child she travelled up the Mountains to visit her godmother's coffee farm. In 2011 she started speaking to farmers on different sides of the mountain learning about the challenges that they faced.


    She realised that farmers were not recognised for their produce and farming was not sustainable if they could not become economically independent.  


    The Little Coffee Company works with female farmers in small farming communities providing resources to enable farmers to sell a consistent quality to buyers at a better price.

    The U.N stated if women have the same resources as men this would reduce food poverty by 150 m.

    Our mission is to support 100 female farmers by 2020.

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