• What We Do


    We are a unique sustainable enterprise that offers a traceable supply chain to help small farmers build their communities.


    Smallholder farmers produce some of the best beans in the world but they don't get the recognition. Over 500 million smallholder farmers in the world, and most live on less than £1 a day. They face many challenges including lack of access to markets, agricultural inputs and finance.


    Majority of farmers live in remote areas without internet access, they sell their beans below market value. With us, you pay farmers directly, and get to know where your coffee comes from. This helps farmers build their communities and gain more economic independence.

  • Our Values



    Most Small Farmers loose money on their agricultural inputs. We help farmers to grow sustainable beans so they can maintain a reliable supply.


    Ethically Traded

    Transparency is a key part of how we operate. Knowing exactly where your beans come from and tracing the journey from the farm helps provide reassurance for both farmer and buyer.


    Direct Payments

    All of our farmers are paid directly. This means they are not subject to long delays, high bank fees and the dangers of travelling with cash. Now our farmers can build a financial history and get access to funding.

  • Know your Farmer

    See where your coffee is grown and who produces it.


    Access Rare Coffee Beans

    We work with small farmers who produce high quality beans.


    No Mark-Ups

    With so few stages in our supply chain, we are able to offer access to Speciality Beans direct from farmers.



    Ethically-Traded-Straight back to the farm - 100% transparent supply chain.

  • Direct Payments

    Many farmers face difficulties receiving payment for their beans. Most of which is in cash which is dangerous and adds transportation costs. We pay farmers instantly, no-mark ups.


    Build and Develop Farming Communities

    Having direct access to buyers means farmers are receiving market value for their beans.



    We help farmers to develop their farming techniques to help maintain a sustainable and environmentally friendly crop.

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